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Stress is inevitable...

Distress is optional!

Tailoring your program

How stress impacts an organization and its members varies with the personality, mission, and personal history of the individuals. One size does not fit all because individuals differ in temperament and serve in varied environments with different pressures. Our general introductory programs are universal and will benefit anyone in a corporate setting. Specialized follow-up sessions allow employees to select from among the varied resources we provide. You are invited to contact us to arrange an obligation-free meeting where we can learn enough about your organization to be able to propose the most effective training program.

Our mission

  • To bring proven methods of stress management and wellness to employees of all kinds of companies.
  • To train employees in universal skills and help them establish new, more effective habits.
  • To permanently improve the quality of employees' work, their satisfaction with work, and their balance in personal life.
  • To save business the enormous expense incurred by employee illness, turnover, absenteeism, and dissatisfaction.

What we do:

We offer programs that enable people to handle stress better, protect their health, sharpen their performance edge and get greater satisfaction from their work and from their life. Our special emphasis is on teaching methods that can be used at work or anywhere that stress happens and on using those methods to form positive habits for lasting benefits. We work with individuals in companies as well as with small groups. Our presenter and trainer, Dr. Richard Pinneau, is also available to offer an engaging introduction to stress management at a company-wide event or at meetings of select staff.

How we do it:

After an initial meeting with a company decision maker, we provide assessment, training, support, follow-up and evaluation. Our training involves guided relaxations, cognitive-behavior strategies, visualization, biofeedback methods, pain management and physical flexibility/tension relief.

What's in it for you:

Benefits for company Benefits for employees
Better morale. Clearer thinking.
Increased productivity. Better problem solving.
Fewer sick days. More optimistic outlook.
Lower turnover. Enhanced energy.
Fewer accidents and mistakes. Fewer illnesses.
Reduced health care costs. Effective pain relief.

Your company may have brought in the best sales training, leadership development and management consulting that money can buy, but if you haven’t addressed issues of stress in yourself and your employees you’ve missed a vital building block of a healthy company.

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