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Letís face it: until thereís death, thereís stress. Call it stress, pressure, motivation, or whatever, itís vital to figure out the complex effects of stress on performance, satisfaction, and health. I once had a radio radio DJ as a client... for just one session. In the course of his initial relaxation experience he quite successfully calmed himself more than he had ever experienced ó so successfully that he got up and left, never to return. His parting explanation was that if he got that relaxed heíd never be able to hold his audienceís interest.

Yes, it can be frightening at first... simply to relax! That paradoxical fear is natural because the experience is so new: most people never experience any deeper relaxation than just watching TV — or having a glass of wine — if they're really lucky maybe a good therapeutic massage. Everyone's natural concerns therefore arise: Maybe I'll get lazy? What if I lose my edge? Is this really safe?

If my DJ friend had given me just a moment I would have reassured him with a metaphor: When you turn down the valve controlling a firehose so water trickles slowly enough for drinking, that doesnít mean youíll never again be able to open the valve wide enough to fight a fire!

Learning stress management means developing skills ó becoming flexible and responsive to the needs of varying situations. The result is more energy and power to respond when the situation requires. True, a really deep relaxation can feel like losing control the first time; yet the entire process is about gaining real control and avoiding the tension and rigidity that impairs performance and health. No, itís not an easy skill to develop ó but thatís why weíre meeting, isnít it?




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