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About Dr. Pinneau's programs:

High blood pressure runs in both sides of my family, so my doctor was watching me closely because of the stress of my job. Losing twenty pounds and getting regular about the gym made me feel so much better - I wouldn’t trade them for anything. But they just weren't helping my blood pressure. My doctor was going to put me on medication when I was only 32, but I had read about the possible side-effects and didn’t want anything to dull my mental or physical edge. Thanks for showing me an alternative.  —CPA

To help me cope with surgery and chemotherapy I flew across the country and dropped a few grand at one of those highly recommended mind-body clinics. I wish I had done Dr. Pinneau’s basic meditation instruction first. I think that was the first time I ever really relaxed... Cancer Survivor

I liked the stress management mini-relaxations primarily for use in the children’s wild moments, but I was most impressed when I saw what they did for my circulation. Having bus duty on snowy days had always been awful for my feet, something that I thought was unpreventable. I never would have thought that it could have to do with my stress level - till I tried using your breathing and mental processes one day. Eventually I could warm my feet in even the nastiest weather! Elementary School Teacher

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